D’oh! DUI?: Don’t Snort Cocaine When a Cop Stops You

By December 14, 2015Thomas Law Firm

A 73-year-old Seattle man found himself behind bars in jail for narcotics possession after police pulled him over for driving at night without his headlights on. At first, everything was fine for both parties involved – the responding officer ran the driver’s name and found no outstanding warrants. He planned only to give the driver a warning – until he got back to the window.

The driver, unaware that the officer had returned, produced a glass vial of white powder and started to snort it. The baffled officer could only ask, “Are you kidding?” as the senior driver spilled the contents all over himself, startled. Like a deer in the headlights (or not, since the headlights were off), the driver claimed the powder was just vitamins. Yes, snortable vitamins – it’s a thing, isn’t it? Eventually, he admitted that the powder was, indeed, cocaine.

Colorado DUID

In Colorado, driving under the influence of any drug – marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy, even prescription drugs like Vicodin and Ambien – can support a charge of DUID. The legality of the drugs makes no difference as long as law enforcement classifies you as “substantially impaired.”

Being convicted for DUID will lead to a sentence of between 5 days and 10 months in jail, assuming it is not felony DUID. If it is your first offense, it is absolutely possible to have all jail sentence suspended if you are able to adhere to certain conditions, such as completion of a drug evaluation and treatment program. If the charges are felony charges (your fourth offense for DUI or DWAI) then you face two to six years in prison, fines from $2,000 to $500,000 and three years of parole.

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