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Cannabis-Infused Alcohol – Is It Safe?

The scientific term for mixing marijuana and alcohol is polydrug use, although you may know it by another name (“crossfaded” is one we’re familiar with, not personally of course). With our legal marijuana industry, there is no shortage of unique products infused with marijuana. Candy, cookies, mints, chocolates, coffee – and beer. Is it safe to drink […]

Got Too High? Here’s Our Green-Out Survival Guide

While marijuana overdoses will never kill you, according to The British Journal of Psychiatry, it is still possible to experience serious negative side effects as the result of imbibing too much THC. Most often, this doesn’t occur from smoking – it’s the edibles, and people eating too many without realizing that edibles take longer to produce the high […]

Is Colorado Pot TOO Potent?

If certain lawmakers have their way, the THC content of your favorite buds and baked goods could take a serious hit. As it currently stands, cannabis connoisseurs in Colorado enjoy an average THC potency of 17.1 percent in their smoke, and a whopping 62.1 percent in their marijuana extracts. But because marijuana is such a new industry, […]

How Do I Get Weed Out of My System?

While marijuana may be legal for recreational use in Colorado, there is nothing stopping employers from drug testing potential applicants or current employees. As such, there is a market for so-called “detox” products that are said to help mask or remove THC from the body, as well as a few home remedies such as working out, drinking […]

Can a Dispensary Be Responsible for High Drivers?

In Colorado, businesses that serve alcohol can be found responsible in cases of drunk driving if it can be proven that the business overserved alcohol to a patron who went on to cause an accident. This type of law is referred to as dram shop liability (a dram is a small amount of alcohol, and […]

D’oh! DUI?: Don’t Snort Cocaine When a Cop Stops You

A 73-year-old Seattle man found himself behind bars in jail for narcotics possession after police pulled him over for driving at night without his headlights on. At first, everything was fine for both parties involved – the responding officer ran the driver’s name and found no outstanding warrants. He planned only to give the driver […]

Can Underage Marijuana Possession Affect My Academic Future?

Under Colorado state law, it is illegal for a minor to possess marijuana – actually, you can be a legal adult and still get into trouble if you are caught with marijuana. The legal limit for possession is the age of 21, just like alcohol. Minor in possession charges (MIPs) can really hurt a person’s prospects […]

Too Stoned to Drive? Find Out with This App

Riding the high from that last rip, but feeling hungry and not sure if you are too high to drive? Like pretty much everything else, there’s an app for that. No, not Papa John’s (though that works too). The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) created a simple app called My Canary. […]

Colorado Employers Torn on the Question of Marijuana Use

The legality of marijuana at the state level has put some employers at odds with their personal feelings toward partaking of the drug. Take, for example, federal laws forbidding transportation workers such as pilots, commercial drivers and train engineers from using marijuana. Regional Transportation District spokesman Scott Reed points to an ever-shrinking pool of drug-free drivers as […]

Blood Testing and How to Refute Blood Evidence

One of the tools that law enforcement officers use to determine a person’s level of intoxication is blood testing. Blood testing is considered one of the more reliable sources for determining a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The process of blood testing involves police relocating the alleged drunk driver to a hospital, fire department, ambulance or other […]