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One of the most common things we hear from people charged with DUI – “I never thought it would happen to me.” That is the big message behind the Colorado of Transportation’s new DUI awareness campaign, “What Will YOU Lose?”

WWYL is a video campaign featuring real Coloradans, not actors, sharing the stories of their DUI arrests and convictions. The videos have already begun airing on broadcast television and CDOT has placed posters related to the campaign in 40 bars across Colorado.

The Coloradans featured come from all walks of life and have lost a variety of things as a result of their DUI. Lost driver’s licenses, lost jobs – some were declared felons and discuss how that word follows them around in every aspect of their lives.

To watch the videos yourself, click here.

It’s Not Just Jail Time You Risk

Some of the short-term effects of a DUI conviction are well known. You can have your driver’s license suspended, you may have to spend time in jail, you might face lengthy probation, have to attend alcohol and drug classes or deal with ignition interlock devices or home alcohol monitoring units. But that’s not all. A DUI will follow you for a long time in almost every aspect of your life.

  1. You can lose your job. If your job involves driving, not only might you lose your job, but your future as a driver could be in real jeopardy. Your tarnished driving record could tell future employers that you are not trustworthy to hold the job. Even if your job does not require driving, you could still be denied jobs if a potential employer sees your DUI on a background check.
  2. Your education and professional future could be jeopardized. Colleges may deny your application. Professional certifications may be unattainable, too – such as a teaching license or a license to practice medicine or law.
  3. A DUI can affect your automobile insurance. You may be classified as a high-risk driver, meaning you could lose your policy altogether or be forced to pay additional fees. It can take years to bring your payments down to a manageable level.
  4. A DUI conviction can affect your relationships with friends and family. It can cause marriage problems and can lead to others seeing you as trustworthy. The effects of this are often much more personal and emotional than things like a short time in jail.

But there is still hope. If you are facing charges of DUI, your best chance of preserving your future is discussing your case with a criminal defense attorney.

Our Denver DUI law firm is dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation for those in Colorado accused of drunk driving.