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Are There Open Container Laws for Marijuana in Colorado?

When you hear the words “open container laws,” the first thing you likely think of is alcohol. In Colorado, it’s a criminal offense to have an open container of alcohol readily accessible in your vehicle. But now that marijuana is legal in the state, Coloradans must take extra precautions regarding the drug. Open container laws apply for […]

Is It Legal to Ski While High on Marijuana?

Winter is coming. That means, for a lot of Coloradans, it’s time to hit the slopes. As ski resorts open their doors to throngs of visitors decked out in layered jackets, there are no doubt a few out-of-state folks who are planning to get Rocky Mountain High before they hit the powder, but be warned […]

Can I Test My Own THC Levels before Driving?

Recently, the Colorado Department of Transportation teamed up with the breathalyzer developed BACtrack to see if providing free breathalyzers to Coloradans would reduce their likelihood of drinking and driving. The test was largely successful, as we recounted in a previous blog. But that got us wondering – if there is an easy way to test your […]

Is the Legal Limit for Marijuana in the Blood Too High?

The legal limit for THC (the active chemical in marijuana that makes you high) in the blood in Colorado is five nanograms per milliliter of blood. But some believe that this limit is too high and allows drugged drivers to avoid punishment. Others say the limit is too low and results in more drivers who […]

Marijuana-Infused Beer Is Here. Will It Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Of course that exists. Dad and Dudes Brewaria, a craft brewery in Aurora, has recently received approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to sell their cannabis-infused beer across the United States. The beer, called General Washington’s Secret Stash IPA, has been on sale in Colorado for a good while, but the […]

A New Look for Colorado’s Edible Marijuana

One big concern people have had about legalizing marijuana in Colorado involves edibles; specifically, that many edibles have no physical indication that they contain marijuana. As of October 1, Colorado has implemented a new rule. Not only must packaging for marijuana edibles make it clear that the product contains THC, the edibles themselves must be marked with […]

Can You Be Deported for Using Legal Marijuana in Colorado?

Weed is legal in Colorado. You can grow it (up to certain amounts), you can smoke it (in private), you can eat it. You can use it as medicine. You can carry some of it with you and you can gift some of it to your friends. But if you’re not in the country legally, […]

How Drunk Are You Really? Your Friends’ Sobriety Might Affect Your Own Perception

A September study in the BMC Public Health journal suggests something curious about alcohol impairment. After studying over 1,800 drinkers in bars and other places where alcohol is served, researchers came to the conclusion that drinkers’ perceptions of their own inebriation are often directly correlated with how intoxicated the other people in their groups are. […]

If Pot Clubs Become Legal, Will They Be Liable for Drugged Driving?

It was bound to happen sooner or later; this November, Coloradans will have the choice to vote to legalize marijuanaconsumption in public places that have obtained city permits allowing it. That’s right – pot bars, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, if the measure passes later this year. It is known as the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis […]

The Potalyzer is Coming – Here’s Why It Still Won’t Work

The breathalyzer is a police officer’s best friend in confirming that someone is driving while intoxicated, but it only works on alcohol. With recreational marijuana legal in some states and medical marijuana in many others, engineers and researchers have been hard at work to create a breathalyzer for pot, or “potalyzer.” Researchers from Stanford University have created […]