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Is My Airplane Pilot Drunk?

Being a pilot is stressful work. It requires a ton of education, discipline and the knowledge that the lives of every crew member and passenger are in your hands. Because of these reasons (and plenty of others), there are very strict rules against pilots drinking alcohol while working. But of course, where there’s a rule, […]

Does a DUI Affect My Pilot’s License?

How a DUI affects your pilot’s license depends on whether you have already obtained a license or if you are planning on applying for one in the near future. Applying for a Pilot’s License with a Past DUI When you are applying for or renewing a pilot’s license, you must undergo a mandatory medical examination. On your […]

Will a DUI Also Impact My Pilot’s License?

If you have a pilot’s license and you have been charged with DUI or DWAI, or have had your drivers’ license administratively revoked, then you must report the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration. Failure to report a conviction or administrative action within sixty (60) days of the event can be grounds for a formal […]