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A New Look for Colorado’s Edible Marijuana

One big concern people have had about legalizing marijuana in Colorado involves edibles; specifically, that many edibles have no physical indication that they contain marijuana. As of October 1, Colorado has implemented a new rule. Not only must packaging for marijuana edibles make it clear that the product contains THC, the edibles themselves must be marked with […]

This Marijuana Lawsuit is the First of Its Kind

A case has been filed that provides a sobering reminder that marijuana edibles can lead to serious physical and psychological problems if consumed improperly. The case is the first of its kind – a wrongful death lawsuit against the recreational marijuana industry. According to the lawsuit, products sold to a Denver man were the direct cause of […]

What Can Yik Yak Tell Us about College Student Drug and Alcohol Use?

So, what is Yik Yak? If you’re not currently in college, you might not have ever heard of it. Basically, Yik Yak is an anonymous social media platform where users are able to post “yaks” for the world to see. What is interesting about this blend of anonymity and the app’s popularity with college students […]

Got Too High? Here’s Our Green-Out Survival Guide

While marijuana overdoses will never kill you, according to The British Journal of Psychiatry, it is still possible to experience serious negative side effects as the result of imbibing too much THC. Most often, this doesn’t occur from smoking – it’s the edibles, and people eating too many without realizing that edibles take longer to produce the high […]

Hey Tourists – Welcome to Denver, Cool It with the Marijuana Edibles

Look, guys, we get it – Denver’s great. Colorado’s great. It’s beautiful. Our weather is gorgeous. We’ve got skiing, cycling and of course, legalized recreational marijuana. Those legal pot brownies probably look really good. But listen to Mom – don’t overindulge in sweets. Especially ones with marijuana in them. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, […]

Is Denver the New Amsterdam?

Ever since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, national perception of our state has changed. Some decry our society for our “diminished morals,” while others see us as some sort of pot Mecca – the new Amsterdam. How accurate is that perception, though? How do Denver’s pot laws compare with Amsterdam? Bud Battle Royale: Amsterdam vs. Denver The […]

This Unconventional Marijuana Cuisine Will Surprise You

Looking for some unconventional cuisine? Head on down to Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen, which is trending on Colorado’s news sites and social media after owner Josh Pollack added a special ingredient to a bagel and lox breakfast – marijuana. The creativity of our Colorado food craftsmen never disappoints. Pollack’s bagel and lox breakfast, a common comfort […]

Colorado Considers Changes to Marijuana Edible Packaging

If lawmakers have their way, soon labels for edible marijuana products in Colorado may be required to come with a red stop sign indicating that they contain THC (marijuana’s active ingredient). The changes are meant to make marijuana-infused edibles less attractive to kids. A first draft of new labeling rules suggested that the symbol on edible pot […]

A Chill Weekend: 4/20 Retrospective

The origins of the marijuana holiday 4/20 are hazy; the best guess is that it was a slang term amongst weed-smoking teens in 1970’s California high schools, popularized by followers of the Grateful Dead. Wherever the catchy three-digit code came from, it is here to stay. This past 4/20 in Denver came with increased police […]

Irresponsible Marijuana Edible use is a Rising Safety Concern in Colorado

Marijuana edibles have a public perception of being a good jumping off point for inexperienced consumers to try out Colorado’s legal highs. However, it is quite easy to bite off more than you can chew, as it were, and turn a relaxing experience into a stressful and scary one. Edibles have undergone much legal scrutiny […]