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What Happens If I Get a DUI While Visiting Colorado?

Tourism is up in Colorado (three guesses as to why), and with the number of new Colorado visitors coming to enjoy our gorgeous landscapes and the uh, exotic flora, as it were, we’re seeing more and more people put themselves at risk of DUI and DUI-D charges. So, with this in mind, what should Colorado […]

Is the Legal Limit for Marijuana in the Blood Too High?

The legal limit for THC (the active chemical in marijuana that makes you high) in the blood in Colorado is five nanograms per milliliter of blood. But some believe that this limit is too high and allows drugged drivers to avoid punishment. Others say the limit is too low and results in more drivers who […]

A New Look for Colorado’s Edible Marijuana

One big concern people have had about legalizing marijuana in Colorado involves edibles; specifically, that many edibles have no physical indication that they contain marijuana. As of October 1, Colorado has implemented a new rule. Not only must packaging for marijuana edibles make it clear that the product contains THC, the edibles themselves must be marked with […]

Are You a Broncos Fan? Take These Buses to the October Games and Avoid DUI!

Take a ride on the Bustang! If you are a fan of the Denver Broncos (and we know you are), then a recent collaboration between the team and the Colorado Department of Transportation may be of interest to you. For the upcoming games against the Atlanta Falcons (October 9) and the San Diego Chargers (October […]

D’oh! DUI?: The Luck of the Amish

If you are caught riding a horse drunk in Colorado, you won’t face DUI charges – drunk riding is simply a traffic violation. But what happens if you strap that horse to a carriage? Last month, an Amish man in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was arrested for underage drinking after he and four buddies were caught riding […]

SCRAM CAMs Track Milestone 500,000 Drunk Drivers

Law enforcement has come up with plenty of devices to help identify and monitor drunk driving. In 2003, Colorado-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) launched the SCRAM CAM, a transdermal alcohol monitoring device that can tell when someone has been drinking by the content of their sweat. As of this month, the SCRAM CAM has reached a […]

If Pot Clubs Become Legal, Will They Be Liable for Drugged Driving?

It was bound to happen sooner or later; this November, Coloradans will have the choice to vote to legalize marijuanaconsumption in public places that have obtained city permits allowing it. That’s right – pot bars, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, if the measure passes later this year. It is known as the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis […]

Has Colorado’s Felony DUI Law Led to an Increase in Jail Time?

In August 2015, Colorado enacted a new law making a person’s fourth DUI conviction a felony. A fourth DUI conviction could have consequences of up to six years’ incarceration and up to a $500,000 fine. Proponents of the bill sought to increase penalties on repeat offenders and to bring Colorado’s drunk driving laws in line […]

Denver Tour Bus Driver Drinking WHILE Driving! …Or Was He?

What would you do if you were a passenger in a car and the driver cracked open a beer and started drinking it? What would you do if you were a passenger on a bus, and the driver was drinking while driving? You’d think you’d stop them or say something – but turns out, not […]

It’s Labor Day, and The Heat Is On Once Again!

Yes, the summer is hot and The Heat Is On. Labor Day is the end of the notorious 100 Deadliest Days, the time period in which drunk driving accidents are highest throughout the year. As such, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and various other local law enforcement agencies have increased […]