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Free Lyft Rides for Drunk Coloradans through the Holiday Season

Thanks to a business partnership between beer-brewing giant Budweiser and popular ridesharing platform Lyft, Coloradans partying throughout the holidays will be able to obtain and redeem codes for free and discounted rides during peak party hours. The mission? To reduce drunk driving, of course. From September 16th through the end of the year, both Budweiser and […]

D’oh! DUI?: The Luck of the Amish

If you are caught riding a horse drunk in Colorado, you won’t face DUI charges – drunk riding is simply a traffic violation. But what happens if you strap that horse to a carriage? Last month, an Amish man in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was arrested for underage drinking after he and four buddies were caught riding […]

SCRAM CAMs Track Milestone 500,000 Drunk Drivers

Law enforcement has come up with plenty of devices to help identify and monitor drunk driving. In 2003, Colorado-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) launched the SCRAM CAM, a transdermal alcohol monitoring device that can tell when someone has been drinking by the content of their sweat. As of this month, the SCRAM CAM has reached a […]

Denver Tour Bus Driver Drinking WHILE Driving! …Or Was He?

What would you do if you were a passenger in a car and the driver cracked open a beer and started drinking it? What would you do if you were a passenger on a bus, and the driver was drinking while driving? You’d think you’d stop them or say something – but turns out, not […]

What You Need to Know About the Denver Police Conference That Could Affect Your Rights

Our fair city hosted the 22nd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Impaired Driving Conference earlier this month, organized by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The event was the largest in its history, drawing attendees from all 50 states as well as other countries such as China and Northern Ireland. CDOT took the […]

Have Uber and Lyft Helped Reduce Drunk Driving?

Uber and Lyft have provided many Americans with a desirable alternative to traditional public transportation and taxi services. Whether you need a ride to work when the weather is not conducive to biking, or you are downtown in the early morning hours trying to find a ride home so you don’t drive drunk, these apps […]

Relax; Your DUI Is Not the End of the World, But You Must Act Fast

You’re driving home after a night on the town and you see the reds and blues in your rearview. It’s natural to panic, it’s natural to fear the consequences of drunk driving. But take a deep breath – it’s not the end of the world. Especially if it is your first DUI, it is highly possible […]

Do I Have to Go to Jail If I Am Charged with a DUI?

A DUI conviction can end with different punishments for different cases – there is no one-size-fits-all DUI punishment. You do not necessarily have to go to jail if convicted of DUI. There are several alternatives that the court may consider depending on the facts of your case. In some cases, the judge may decide that simple probation […]