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How Do Colorado DUI Penalties Compare to Other States?

Have you ever been curious about how Colorado’s drunk driving penalties stand up to other states? Is a DUI in Colorado a less serious offense elsewhere? Based on a 2016 study by WalletHub, a personal finance website based in Washington, D.C., Colorado is the 18th strictest state on DUIs. Nearby Arizona took the crown at number one, […]

Can I Be Fired from My Job for a DUI Conviction?

Drunk driving can have far reaching effects beyond the possibility of fines, jail time and revocation of your driver’s license. It is possible for you to lose much more – including your job. Many states are what is known as “at will” employment states. In these states, employers can fire employees for virtually any reason, barring […]

Does a DUI Affect My Pilot’s License?

How a DUI affects your pilot’s license depends on whether you have already obtained a license or if you are planning on applying for one in the near future. Applying for a Pilot’s License with a Past DUI When you are applying for or renewing a pilot’s license, you must undergo a mandatory medical examination. On your […]

The Interstate Driver’s License Compact and Your Out-of-State DUI

Colorado DUI laws differ in some ways from the laws in other states, so you might not know what to do if, for some reason, you leave Colorado and are stopped for DUI in a different state. The Interstate Driver’s License Compact is an agreement between the vast majority of states in the U.S. that facilitates communication […]

A Scarlet Letter for Repeat DUI Offenders

If certain Mississippi lawmakers have their way, repeat DUI offenders may have to face a shameful new DUI deterrence tactic – having, almost literally, a Scarlet Letter appended to their vehicles. For those unfamiliar with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, you’ve probably heard the phrase used before in popular culture to describe a mark of shame. Much […]

Why Is the First DUI So Expensive?

The average cost of a first DUI is $10,270. Let that number sink in. What could you buy with that much money? A good chunk of a college degree. A nice used car. A 3D printed mask of your own face. A single 18k gold Apple Watch. It may seem strange that one simple inebriated mistake can […]

D’oh! DUI?: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

In the State of Colorado, your fourth repeat DUI can become a felony charge. One expeditious way of hitting that milestone is to double up on DUIs, like a Pennsylvania woman did in mid-November. At about 5pm on a Saturday, the Somerset woman crashed her car. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered her intoxication and arrested […]

What Happens If I Tamper With My Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition interlock devices (those car breathalyzers that they might make you put in your car if you are charged with DUI) are a hassle. You have to blow in them to start your car, and then you have to deal with retests every few minutes to make sure you are not impaired. They have cameras, […]

D’oh! DUI?: Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party

A Texas State University student is showing others around her campus that life in plastic is, indeed, fantastic. The student, 20-year-old industrial engineering junior Tara Monroe, blew up social media sites when she was spotted in a series of photos going a whopping five miles per hour down the sidewalks of the San Marcos campus. […]

My License Was Revoked for DUI; What Are the Best Ways to Get Around Denver?

So you were arrested for DUI and now your license has been revoked. This can make it difficult and frustrating to get to work, school, day care or to visit your friends and family. You don’t have to stress too much, though – there are people who go their whole lives without cars AND live a meaningful and […]