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Cannabis-Infused Beer: A Risk for Drug Test Failure?

In the ever-evolving landscape of craft breweries, one establishment is making headlines that extend beyond the usual realms of hops and barley. Dad and Dudes Brewaria, a craft brewery nestled in Aurora, has recently secured approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to distribute their cannabis-infused beer, General Washington’s Secret Stash IPA, […]

Smartphone Breathalyzer Survey Ends; Here’s What CDOT Discovered

Not long ago, we delved into a groundbreaking study conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in collaboration with BACtrack, a leading company specializing in smartphone breathalyzers. This innovative study aimed to combat drunk driving by distributing free breathalyzers to random participants across Denver and encouraging them to share theirexperiences with CDOT. As the […]

Free Lyft Rides for Drunk Coloradans through the Holiday Season

In a move to promote responsible partying and curb drunk driving incidents, Budweiser, the renowned beer-brewing giant, and Lyft, the popular ridesharing platform, have joined forces to offer Coloradans an exciting initiative during the holiday season. This collaborative effort aims to provide accessible and affordable transportation options to revelers, ultimately reducing the instances of drunk […]

Can You Be Deported for Using Legal Marijuana in Colorado?

Weed is legal in Colorado. You can grow it (up to certain amounts), you can smoke it (in private), you can eat it. You can use it as medicine. You can carry some of it with you and you can gift some of it to your friends. However, if you’re not in the country legally, […]

Your Perception of Sobriety: Influence from Friends’ Alcohol Levels

A recent study published in the BMC Public Health journal in September shed light on a fascinating aspect of alcohol impairment. The research, conducted in various alcohol-serving locations around Cardiff, Wales, examined the correlation between individuals’ perceptions of their own inebriation and the intoxication levels of their peers. Surprisingly, the study found that people tend […]

Broncos Fans: Ride These October Game Buses, Stay DUI-Free!

If you bleed orange and blue for the Denver Broncos, there’s exciting news on the transportation front that’s sure to make your game-day experience even more memorable. The Colorado Department of Transportation, in collaboration with the Broncos, has introduced a game-changing initiative for fans residing in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. Introducing the Bustang to […]

If Pot Clubs Become Legal, Will They Be Liable for Drugged Driving?

In the coming November, Coloradans will face a pivotal decision that could reshape the state’s social landscape: the vote on the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Initiative. If successful, this initiative will pave the way for public places with city permits to legally allow marijuana consumption. Dubbed as “pot bars,” these establishments could become a common sight […]

The Impact of Colorado’s Felony DUI Law: An In-Depth Analysis

In August 2015, Colorado took a significant step in combating drunk driving by enacting a law that made a person’s fourth DUI conviction a felony. The move aimed to increase penalties for repeat offenders and align the state with others that already had felony DUI laws. Over a year has passed since the law’s implementation, […]

Is the Pilot of My Aircraft Under the Influence of Alcohol?

Being a pilot is stressful work. It requires a ton of education, discipline, and the knowledge that the lives of every crew member and passenger are in your hands. Because of these reasons (and plenty of others), there are stringent rules against pilots drinking alcohol while working. But of course, where there’s a rule, there […]

Dangers of Underage Marijuana DUIs: Beyond Your License

In the wake of recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado, concerns have emerged regarding its potential impact on minors’ access to the drug. Recognizing the need for proactive measures, the Colorado Department of Public Health has initiated the “Good to Know” campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness among parents of minors, discouraging the use of […]