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U.S. Supreme Court: DUI Blood Draws Require a Warrant

The United States Supreme Court has spoken, and the ball is now in Colorado’s court. As of June 23, 2016, SCOTUS says that police are not allowed to conduct blood tests for suspected drunk drivers without first obtaining a warrant. Express Consent v. The Supreme Court of the United States In Colorado, we have what […]

When Should I Take a Breathalyzer Test?

In the immortal words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To blow, or not to blow – that is the question.” Okay, we might be remembering that wrong (it’s been a while since high school English class), but it’s an excellent question nonetheless. When pulled over for a suspected DUI and asked to blow into a breathalyzer, should you? What […]

How Long Does It Take to Eliminate Alcohol from the Body?

One way that people will avoid DUI is to have a few drinks and then wait for a few hours for their system to clear the alcohol. This strategy only works, though, if you wait long enough. No amount of coffee or cold showers is going to flush the alcohol from your body, and alcohol […]

Are Palcohol and Vapor Alcohol Increasing Underage DUI?

Human nature is a funny thing. We like to have fun, and for many, alcohol is an express ticket to the fun train. As such, we’ve perfected several different ways of enjoying our alcohol. We brew beer, make wine, make food with it – whoever invented the Jell-O shot was a genius. So, it should […]

How Do Breathalyzers Work?

One of the most common methods of identifying drunk drivers – probably the most common, in fact – is the use of breathalyzers. But how do they work? How is it that a machine can tell how inebriated you are just by taking a sample of your breath? The short answer – witchcraft. Okay, not really. Here’s […]

Are Implied Consent DUI Laws Constitutional?

“Implied consent” is the term used to describe the nationwide policies regarding suspected DUI drivers who refuse to submit to breath or blood sobriety testing during DUI arrests and stops. The laws differ between states, but generally result in automatic license suspension alongside possible criminal charges. To many in the field of DUI, implied consent laws are believed to […]

CBI Reveals Dozens of Erroneous 2015 DUI Blood Tests

The accuracy of DUI blood testing is the lynchpin in any case against a drunk driver, so naturally, Colorado police should want the blood tests to be as accurate as possible. A recent investigation showed an absurd number of abnormalities in a group of blood test results that led to DUI convictions. According to the Colorado Bureau […]

In the Moment: DUI Stop Step-by-Step

The sight of flashing reds and blues is never pleasant, especially for someone who might have had one too many drinks with friends. In those few seconds before the officer shows up at the window, it is best to remain calm, collected and prepared. You will be questioned, and you do not want to answer […]