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Underage DUI-D: Smoking Marijuana Under 21 Can Hurt More than Your License

The Colorado Department of Public Health has launched the “Good to Know” campaign in an effort to promote marijuana awareness for parents of minors. With recreational marijuana legal in Colorado, a major concern of parents and lawmakers is the question of whether legal marijuana increases access to the drug for minors. The Good to Know […]

If My Car Smells Like Marijuana, Is That Probable Cause to Search It?

Before marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the smell of marijuana in your car would be probable cause for a police search without first obtaining a warrant. Now, thanks to an opinion released by the Colorado Supreme Court, it seems that police will now have even more power to conduct warrantless searches based on the smell of marijuana, […]

Does Youth Marijuana Use Increase When Pot Is Legalized?

Won’t somebody please think of the children? Massachusetts is considering legalizing recreational marijuana this fall, but the movement is not without resistance – Gov. Charlie Baker, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and several State House leaders have banded together to stop marijuana legalization from happening. If The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act passes this fall, people 21 […]

This Marijuana Lawsuit is the First of Its Kind

A case has been filed that provides a sobering reminder that marijuana edibles can lead to serious physical and psychological problems if consumed improperly. The case is the first of its kind – a wrongful death lawsuit against the recreational marijuana industry. According to the lawsuit, products sold to a Denver man were the direct cause of […]

Are Marijuana DUI Laws Complete Nonsense? AAA Thinks So

Would you trust the nation’s largest auto club if they told you that marijuana DUI laws have no basis in science and are largely total nonsense? According to AAA (and really a lot of other groups and prominent figures), the standards that states with legal marijuana use to determine impairment have absolutely no connection to actual impairment […]

Good News for Colorado Pot Tourism

As it currently stands, prospective pot purchasers from outside Colorado face a few hurdles preventing them from partaking as prolifically as Colorado residents. Namely, the limits on buying weed without a Colorado ID. Residents can buy up to one ounce at a time, while visitors are only allowed to buy 1/4th of an ounce at a time. […]

Highlights from Thomas Law Firm 4/20 Reddit AMA

4/20 has come and gone, and we’re so grateful for those of you who stopped by our Reddit AMA to ask us questions about Colorado marijuana! For those of you who were coming in from neighboring states to celebrate, we hope you had a fun, safe time indulging in our legal buds and baked goods. We thought we’d […]

Got Too High? Here’s Our Green-Out Survival Guide

While marijuana overdoses will never kill you, according to The British Journal of Psychiatry, it is still possible to experience serious negative side effects as the result of imbibing too much THC. Most often, this doesn’t occur from smoking – it’s the edibles, and people eating too many without realizing that edibles take longer to produce the high […]

Thomas Law Firm Marijuana Attorneys to Hold 4/20 Reddit AMA

At Thomas Law Firm, we love to forge a close personal connection with the people we work with and even our loyal readers (yep, you!). But much can be lost in this sort of one-way communication that we do with our blogs. So, we’ve come up with a way to talk to you guys directly. […]

Marijuana Prohibition, Part 2: The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

In Part 1 of our marijuana prohibition series, we discussed Harry Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst, two men who played a big part in the demonization of marijuana and its eventual prohibition. This week, we’re continuing the series with a look at the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Reefer Madness Throughout the 1930s, the unemployment resulting from the Great […]