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As a Denver business owner, you know that accidents happen despite the greatest degree of caution.

When a victim is injured and claims that your organization is responsible, you want to do all you can to protect your investment. Fortunately, there are multiple defenses available under Colorado law, which may defeat the plaintiff’s claim or reduce the compensation he or she can recover. Our attorneys at the Thomas Law Firm can tell you more about how the following defenses may work to your advantage.

Identify Weaknesses in the Claimant’s Case

The claimant in a personal injury lawsuit must allege the essential elements of a claim based upon negligence. The existence of a legal duty, breach of that duty, and causal link between the breach and the injuries. Your first line of defense should be identifying and exploiting weaknesses within these elements.

Colorado’s Statute of Limitations

Under the state’s statutes of limitations, the claimant has a designated window of time to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for his or her losses. Failure to sue within the statute of limitations is a complete bar to litigation, so you can claim the expiration of this time period as a defense. Note that there are two applicable statutes in Colorado.

  • For any claim arising out of a motor vehicle accident, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the crash.
  • All other tort actions based upon negligence, including personal injury claims, are subject to a two year statute of limitations.

Comparative Negligence

Colorado follows a rule called modified comparative fault, which may not be a complete defense to the claimant’s case but may operate to reduce compensation. The theory of comparative negligence focuses on the plaintiff’s actions and the degree to which the conduct contributed to his or her injuries. For instance, you place a sign warning your store’s customers to avoid an area you are remodeling because of the construction hazards; a customer ignores this sign, enters the construction zone, and is injured. You could be partially at fault because you did not create a more effective barricade, but the claimant was negligent in ignoring your sign.

Comparative negligence assesses the relative fault between you and the claimant, assigning a percentage of blame. If the victim is 50 percent or less at fault, compensation is reduced by that amount. Where you present proof showing that the victim is more than 50 percent negligent, it is a complete defense to recovery.

Colorado’s Statutory Cap on Damages

Colorado has enacted a statute that places a cap on the amount of non-economic damages a plaintiff can recover in a personal injury case. The statutory cap base amount is $250,000; if the claimant can provide clear and convincing evidence to support an increase, he or she can recover up to $500,000. However, these base amounts are adjusted for inflation annually, so they are significantly higher today as compared to when the statutory cap was first passed.

The statutory cap only applies to non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life. There is no cap on economic damages for medical bills, lost wages, and similar losses.

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When a victim is injured and claims that your organization is responsible, you want to do all you can to protect your investment. Fortunately, there are multiple defenses available under Colorado law, which may defeat the plaintiff’s claim or reduce the compensation he or she can recover.

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