Is DUI Defense Different for Minors in Colorado?

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Our DUI attorney explains the consequences of receiving a DUI charge as a minor and the possible benefits of going to trial for a DUI marijuana case.

The Colorado law firm Thomas Law Firm defends all types of DUIs, from drug related to alcohol impaired driving offenses. If you have been accused of driving under the influence for felony or misdemeanor charges, contact our DUI criminal defense lawyers at(720) 542-6148. Many of our DUI attorneys are former prosecutors themselves, and we can help you uphold your rights.


For those people who are minors and they get a DUI… and when I say minor, I’m talking about in purposes of the DMV, so that’s somebody who is underneath 21 years of age… If you get a DUI, whether it’s of alcohol or if it’s of drugs, you lose your license for one year. No probationary license, no restricted license, no ‘hey I can’t get to school anymore,’ you’re not driving for a year. There is a separate charge for people who are under 21 and they have marijuana, it’s illegal for you to have it. So, just like for alcohol, if you are in possession of marijuana, there is a minor possession of marijuana just as there would be for alcohol.

These DUI of marijuana cases are much more amenable to a trial, because you can fight back. So, a lot of times, the DA, they don’t think people are going to trial because most of them don’t. There’s a lot of lawyers out there that, for one reason or another, maybe they’re uncomfortable with trial or maybe they don’t like to, but we here at Thomas Law Firm, we’ve all gone to trial. We’ve all been prosecutors and gone to trial hundreds of times. And so, these DUI cases, they do, you can go back. I tell people when they come in with a DUI of marijuana, I say, these are great cases to go to trial on. If they’re not going to give us a good deal, push them to trial and we will go the distance.

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