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4/20 has come and gone, and we’re so grateful for those of you who stopped by our Reddit AMA to ask us questions about Colorado marijuana! For those of you who were coming in from neighboring states to celebrate, we hope you had a fun, safe time indulging in our legal buds and baked goods.

We thought we’d use this post to highlight some of our favorite Q&As from the AMA, so without further ado:

  1. Our most popular question: “Can someone on a bicycle get busted for smoking while riding? If they got into an accident, would that make a difference?” The answer is yes, you can get a DUI, but unless the bike has a motor, your driver’s license will be unaffected. If you are hitting up the dispensary on your bicycle, just make sure that your products are safely secured in closed containers (preferably the original packaging) and tucked away safely, like in a backpack.
  2. Weirdest DUI case: “We actually have a case right now where the person had a personal health condition where basically his body manufacturers yeast, essentially his body ‘self-brews’, which affects the results of a BAC.” We actually wrote a blog back in January about a similar case.
  3. We like to have fun here: “As my lawyer, what strain would you recommend for kayaking down the Pooter in Fort Collins?” “While I have no personal experience of course, my legal research has led me to believe that Haze strains, Trainwreck and AK-47 are popular among those with an active lifestyle.” Bear in mind, smoking in public is illegal, though from what we understand, there are places along Poudre Canyon such as the 420-friendly CanyonSide Campground that allow smoking. Make sure your venue of choice is cannabis-friendly, lest you invite the wrath of the federal government for smoking on government land!

If you were unable to join us for the 4/20 Reddit AMA but still have questions you would like answered, we have created a Facebook event for you! Just post your questions there, and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Thank you all, we had such a great time and we hope it was as fun for you guys as it was for us.

For all of your marijuana defense needs, our Denver attorneys are more than happy to assist.