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We’re certain you received the lectures in school: more than two shots of whiskey or two glasses of beer in an hour will dramatically raise your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level—especially if you’re a female, have a fast metabolism, haven’t eaten recently, are in high-altitude areas, or a plethora of other variables.

Those charts and formulas came before the smartphone era though; now, the following apps help determine whether you’re safe to get behind the wheel or whether you better call a cab instead:*

R-U-Buzzed BAC Calculator:
A free app created by the Colorado Department of Transportation that accounts for your body weight, as well as how long and what you’ve been drinking. In Colorado, a BAC level of 0.05% is considered “Driving While Ability Impaired.”

iPhone | Android | Descargue la aplicación de teléfono “¿Estás Tomado?” en Android para calcular su nivel de alcohol en la sangre.

Similar to the horizontal gaze field sobriety test, this iPhone app uses the camera to record an individual’s eye movements while their head remains forward; any twitching or jerking of the eye signifies above-average alcohol consumption. It’s important to keep the phone steady while administering this app, as well as running the test in good lighting conditions.

iPhone ($1.99)

Like BreathalEyes, this app presents six self-administered tests for drivers to measure their level of intoxication. You will first need to perform the memory, dexterity and sense of judgement challenges while sober to set an unimpaired standard, and then compare that with post-alcohol consumption scores

iPhone ($0.99)

In addition to recording your BAC level and the number of drinks consumed, this app also offers a Breathalyzer simulator and a GPS feature called “Outta Here!” that connects to a taxi company or to your contacts to arrange a ride.

iPhone ($1.99)

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker:
Another alcohol consumption tracker (though this one also tracks how much you’re spending on drinks—for the economically-savvy).


The difference between this app and the others is the catalogue of more than 3100 drinks and brands; click on a photo of exactly
what you’ve been drinking as opposed to the generic “glass of wine” or “bottle of beer” to keep a true account of your night out. Apparently the app can also recognize your general location and will adjust itself to the local laws in your country.


To arrange a ride, the Lyft and Uber apps offer affordable and easy transportation at the tap of a button.

You may also want to input our Thomas Law Firm attorneys’ number, 720.542.6148, into your phones the old-fashioned way—just in case.

*Keep in mind these apps only offer estimates of your BAC level based on information you input and should not be used to determine if your BAC is within the legal limits to drive; we encourage you to secure alternate transportation whenever celebrating with alcohol.

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment and informational purposes only and is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. There are too many variables that determine your BAC and level of impairment to be taken into account in any chart or formula. Your actual blood alcohol concentration depends on a variety of additional factors, like genetic makeup, personal health, and recent food consumption. These results are rough estimates for an average person only and should not be used to infer anyone’s fitness to work, drive or perform any other task or duty.

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