Can Colorado Police Search My Car if They See a Joint or a Pipe?

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Colorado Marijuana Defense Lawyer Explains Probable Cause

Since marijuana is legal in Colorado, if a police officer sees a joint or a pipe in your car, it does not mean that the officer is automatically allowed to perform a search. However, they may attempt to do if they suspect you are driving under the influence. In this video, Denver DUI attorney Jake Johnson explains when police are allowed to conduct a search and arrest you for marijuana offenses while driving.

Marijuana DUI is one of the better types of cases to bring into court, because the science behind marijuana impairment is not set in stone. All persons charged with marijuana DUI should consider fighting the charges in court with experienced legal counsel at their side.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving in Colorado, you would benefit greatly from the services of a DUI attorney. You can reach our law firm at (720) 542-6148.


If a police officer pulls you over and they see a joint or pipe in your car, being that it is legal now, that’s not necessarily a reason to pull you out and start investigating you. But it is just very much like if somebody was driving down the road and they had a beer there. Most likely what they’re going to do, police are going to say, well, you smell like alcohol. Whether you do or not, it doesn’t matter, they’re going to get you out of the car and investigate you. If the police were to find a joint in your car when they’re sitting there talking to you at a roadside stop, it doesn’t give them the right to go and just search your car because now that it is legal here in Colorado, it’s not a crime, and the other part of that is that if you get a marijuana DUI, that doesn’t give them permission to just automatically search your car. It used to be that police could use any stop, any arrest to search your car, now they have to actually be searching for evidence of that particular crime. They can’t just jump right into your car without more evidence.

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