Why Is the First DUI So Expensive?

By January 5, 2016Thomas Law Firm

The average cost of a first DUI is $10,270. Let that number sink in. What could you buy with that much money? A good chunk of a college degree. A nice used car. A 3D printed mask of your own face. A single 18k gold Apple Watch.

It may seem strange that one simple inebriated mistake can cost so much money, especially if there is no damage done to your vehicle. But really, when you break it down, it is surprising that it doesn’t cost more. You’ve got:

  • Towing fees for your car
  • Impound fees for your car
  • Jail fees (they’re charging you rent for somewhere you don’t want to be!)
  • Bail fees (not only are they charging rent, but you gotta pay to get out!)
  • Alcohol education classes
  • Conviction fines
  • Supervision fines for probation
  • Renting an ignition interlock – that’s right, you basically have to pay to start your car
  • Fees to reinstate a suspended license
  • Long-term auto insurance hikes
  • Fees to different funds, like the Victim Assistance Fund and the Brain Injury Fund
  • Detoxification fees

That’s not even all of it, and definitely does not include vehicle damage, which adds a hefty chunk of change to your overall DUI costs. So, long story short, if you ever have any hopes of catering to your inner impulse buyer with 20 iPads, or two Caribbean vacations, or a full year of rent, or a pair of pants studded with 879 Swarovski diamonds, a DUI can really put a hamper on those plans.

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