Why Do College Students Charged with DUI Need Legal Help?

By February 18, 2016Thomas Law Firm

College students are uniquely susceptible to DUI. Drinking and using drugs are, for many college students, part of the glamour of being in college. College is often a student’s first exposure to alcohol and drugs like marijuana that can cause impairment.

There’s nothing wrong with trying new things during your process of self-discovery, but too often, college students (many of whom are under the legal age to consume alcohol or marijuana) fail to take into account how a drug is going to affect them. They may be totally unfamiliar with the effects of alcohol and marijuana and not realize how impaired they are during and after use. And when they get behind the wheel, there may be serious consequences, not only in their personal lives but also their academic and professional lives.

While older drivers charged with DUI will have to deal with potential fines, jail time and loss of their driver’s licenses, college students have even more to worry about on top of those penalties. Consider your school’s code of conduct. Many schools have penalties for students who are charged with crimes. Depending on the severity of your underage drunk driving case, you may face academic probation, suspension or even expulsion.

Consider as well your professional future. If you are going to school for a career requiring a license (lawyer, doctor, that sort of thing) having a DUI on your record can be a significant barrier to your obtaining your license.

Lastly, because most college students are in their late teens/early 20s, getting stopped for DUI very well may be the first time a student has ever interacted with a cop. The student may not know their rights and how to fight back against charges.

The Denver DUI attorneys at Thomas Law Firm are ready to help you preserve your academic and professional future following charges of DUI.

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