Why Black Wednesday is Such a Big Drinking Night

By November 24, 2015Thomas Law Firm

Everyone in the United States knows about Black Friday, that day that you either look forward to with excitement (Sales! Sales! Sales!) or utter fear (Traffic! Crowds! Mass hysteria!). But less people have heard of Black Wednesday (or, as some call it, Blackout Wednesday).

Black Wednesday is Thanksgiving Eve, a day when families from around the country descend upon whomever’s home will host the annual Turkey Day festivities. The evidence is mostly anecdotal that Black Wednesday is the biggest bar night of the year; bar owners report increased sales, police squads roam during a period of heavy DUI enforcement and you’ll likely see special promotions from transportation services like Uber and Lyft.

Why is Black Wednesday such a big drinking night? Like the perfect cocktail, there are several elements working together seamlessly to encourage partying.

  • Thanksgiving is a national holiday. Ergo, many people are off work on Thanksgiving, so they do not have to worry about being hungover during an important meeting or throwing up in the office trashcan.
  • Thanksgiving is for families; Black Wednesday is for friends. College students returning home for Thanksgiving will often use Black Wednesday to reconnect with high school friends. Likewise, family members who have moved out of state will want to catch up with their local crews, and often, that means bars.
  • Thanksgiving can be stressful, so Black Wednesday makes a nice preemptive night off. If you are hosting, you are going to need to be at least a little sober to cook the turkey and keep your family comfortable and entertained. Taking Wednesday night as a stress-burner can keep you relaxed and ready for the daunting task of holiday prep.
  • There’s no better hangover cure than a Thanksgiving feast.

If you plan on taking Black Wednesday as a night to rage with your old buddies, do yourself a favor and get home safe. Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. You should be at home with your family on Thanksgiving, not sitting in a jail cell. Here is a list we wrote up back in February listing safe options for getting home in Denver.

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