What Happens If I Get a DUI While Visiting Colorado?

DUI arrests are trying enough as it is; when it happens in a state you don’t live in, it can be much more complicated. Depending on what state you live in, you may face consequences both in Colorado and your home state if you are arrested for DUI in Colorado.

If an out-of-state resident gets his or her license revoked after a DUI, the state of Colorado will inform the driver’s home state that a DUI has occurred. There are 45 states that participate in what is known as the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, which means that if you apply for a license in one state, the state will check the National Driver Registry to see if your name appears for a license suspension. If it does, you will be denied a license.

When your name ends up on the National Driver Registry with an alcohol-related driving charge, your home state DMV may suspend or revoke your license.

Out-of-state residents have limited opportunities to reinstate driver privileges if revoked for failing or refusing a sobriety test.

If your DUI arrest leads to a sentence of DUI probation, the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision will allow you to transfer your sentence to your home state. The receiving state won’t necessarily accept a probation transfer, but must if the following requirements are met:

1. It is a second or subsequent DUI or DWAI conviction
2. The probation term is 90 days or longer
3. There has been full compliance with Colorado probation prior to transfer
4. There is a supervision plan for the receiving state
5. You are a resident of the receiving state

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