This Unconventional Marijuana Cuisine Will Surprise You

By September 30, 2015Thomas Law Firm

Looking for some unconventional cuisine? Head on down to Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen, which is trending on Colorado’s news sites and social media after owner Josh Pollack added a special ingredient to a bagel and lox breakfast – marijuana.

The creativity of our Colorado food craftsmen never disappoints. Pollack’s bagel and lox breakfast, a common comfort food staple of New York and New Jersey, contains THC tincture – roughly 10 milligrams for every three ounces of salmon in the food. The idea for the “smoked” salmon came about last 4/20, when Pollack decided that he would take two things people loved and combine them. The results were highly popular, in small part because the flavor of the marijuana is masked behind the savory nature of the breakfast, unlike many marijuana-infused edibles that sometimes taste like they’ve been dropped on a freshly cut lawn – or so we hear.

While creative, the dish cannot be sold quite yet, and in the future probably would only be available on a special order basis (Can you imagine eating weed salmon that’s been sitting on a dispensary shelf for a few days? We can, and it isn’t good.) But if you’d like to try some for yourself, Pollack will be bringing a new batch for the Harvest Gathering, which takes place from September 30 to October 2. There, he will be teaching Jewish chefs how to make dishes such as lox and matzah ball soup using cannabis.

Kudos to Pollack and his outside-the-box culinary adventures. What’s next, we wonder? How about blini?

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