This Marijuana Lawsuit is the First of Its Kind

A case has been filed that provides a sobering reminder that marijuana edibles can lead to serious physical and psychological problems if consumed improperly. The case is the first of its kind – a wrongful death lawsuit against the recreational marijuana industry.

According to the lawsuit, products sold to a Denver man were the direct cause of a woman’s death. The man purchased marijuana candy in April of 2014. Hours after he purchased the products, his wife, the decedent, called the police in hysterics as her husband displayed symptoms of a THC overdose. He appeared to suffer from some form of psychosis, ranting about the end of the world and jumping in and out of his home’s windows. Not long after, he shot his wife as the couple’s three young sons listened.

Can Edibles Cause Psychosis?

The candy in question was a Tootsie Roll-like chew called a Karma Kandy Orange Ginger, a tiny confection that contained 10 servings of THC, or roughly 100 milligrams. Known side effects of a marijuana overdose include hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia and – yes – psychosis.

Edible THC products take longer than smoking to produce a high. Because of the slow burn of edibles, often people will eat more of the product, hoping to get high quicker. This has led to an increase in emergency room visits for marijuana overdoses since the legalization of marijuana in 2012. Such behavior can lead to rash, dangerous behavior.

So, was it truly the fault of the candy that such a tragic incident occurred? Did, perhaps, the THC trigger some other latent psychological problem that the man suffered from? We’ll surely learn more about the possible effects of edible marijuana as the legal proceedings progress.

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