SCRAM CAMs Track Milestone 500,000 Drunk Drivers

By September 27, 2016Thomas Law Firm

Law enforcement has come up with plenty of devices to help identify and monitor drunk driving. In 2003, Colorado-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) launched the SCRAM CAM, a transdermal alcohol monitoring device that can tell when someone has been drinking by the content of their sweat.

As of this month, the SCRAM CAM has reached a milestone in usage, now with over 500,000 drunk drivers tracked.

Do SCRAM CAMs Prevent Drunk Drivers from Reoffending?

As punishment for drunk driving, sometimes judges will order a person to remain sober for an extended period of time. Such a thing would be difficult to monitor without devices like the SCRAM CAM. The devices definitely help, according to the data received from the 500,000 SCRAM CAM wearers. Of everyone monitored, 99.4 percent of them remain completely sober and compliant.

But preventing drunk driving is not the most profound effect of the SCRAM CAM. Perhaps more important is its ability to help alcohol abusers shake the habit. The product’s website shows several client testimonials from people convicted of drunk driving, explaining how the device helped make their lives better.

As DUI defense attorneys, we believe that rehabilitation, not incarceration, is the best way to help drunk drivers, so anything that can help transform lives in this way is a positive in our book.

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