Rewards for Avoiding DUI? One Town’s Effort to Reduce Drunk Driving

By December 30, 2016Thomas Law Firm

You’re driving home from a New Year’s party and you’re the designated driver. You have three drunk friends in tow. You pull onto the highway and you’re recounting the night with your friends when you see those reds and blues flashing in the rearview mirror. What have you done wrong? Were you speeding? Is your brake light out? Does the officer think you’re drunk?

You pull over as a nervous hush falls over the car. You see the ticket in the officer’s hand – he’s got your for something, and you don’t know what. You roll down the window and ask, “What seems to be the problem, officer?”

In fact, there is no problem – you’re the latest lucky winner of Project Sober Hero.

What is Project Sober Hero?

The Golden Police Department started Project Sober Hero to educate the public on drunk driving using a positive approach that it hopes will lead to less drunk driving. When a police officer notices you committing a minor traffic infraction, such as failing to stop completely at a stop sign, and notices that you are the designated driver for your drunk friends, the officer gives you a voucher that you can then redeem for a gift card to a local business. Pretty cool, right?

The voucher program is just step one in Project Sober Hero. Step two involves a partnership with Metro Taxi, which has provided the police with hybrid police car/taxi cabs that serve as rolling billboards advertising the program. Additionally, you may have noticed coasters at your local bars advertising Project Sober Hero. Now you know what it is!

Our Denver DUI law firm hopes you have a wonderful New Year’s Weekend!

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