Police are Asking a new Question in Marijuana DUO Stops Click Here to find out What it is

By January 29, 2016Thomas Law Firm

If you’re caught driving high (or suspected of it) in the next few months, you might find yourself the recipient of an odd question: Would you like to volunteer for our marijuana DUI pilot program?

It appears that the state is finally moving forward with experiments to try and refine how it defines marijuana impairment in drivers. As our regular readers and marijuana aficionados probably know by now, the science behind proving impairment can be shaky. The state uses blood draws to test the amount of marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, in the blood, but the low limit of five nanograms per milliliter of blood can oftentimes implicate totally sober drivers. Marijuana likes to stick around in the body, sometimes for months, so someone who smoked a day, a week, a month ago could be pulled over and arrested for DUI despite no actual impairment.

The new system uses a saliva test to measure the amount of THC in a person’s system.

Should I Volunteer for the Pot Pilot Program?

In the interest of public safety, there’s nothing wrong with volunteering for the program, however, for the sake of you and your case, it is advisable that you say no to the test. Think about it – why would you volunteer for something optional that could give the prosecution ammunition against your case? Especially given how marijuana stores itself in the body, you could very well be doing great damage to your case by volunteering for the saliva test.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, the sooner you can contact a Denver criminal defense attorney, the better you will fare in your case.

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