Marijuana Industry Group Launches New Colorado Marijuana Awareness Campaign

By January 9, 2016Thomas Law Firm

The Marijuana Industry Group, founded in 2010 by marijuana business owners and supporters of the marijuana industry, has recently launched a brand new public awareness campaign centered on pot. The goal is to promote safe and responsible marijuana consumption and will feature ads in specific marijuana-related print and online publications as well as general media.

There are three primary messages that the campaign wishes to promote:

  1. Encouraging safe dosing for smokers as well as those who consume marijuana in other ways, such as edibles and through waxes and concentrates. Colorado has seen an increase in the number of emergency room patients due to consuming too much marijuana since it was legalized.
  2. Avoiding getting behind the wheel after consuming marijuana. DUI-D is a crime in Colorado.
  3. Keeping marijuana in safe containers, away from curious children. This can protect the children from eating the products, which often resemble other kinds of treats kids are attracted to (such as brownies).

MIG has long advocated for safer marijuana use and has a seat on the Colorado Task Force for Drunk and Impaired Driving. It has also provided valuable feedback to several other awareness campaigns, including the Colorado Department of Transportation’s “Drive High Get a DUI” campaign and the “Good to Know” campaign from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, two programs we’ve written about in the past.

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