Marijuana Edibles: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery – Including Cars

By January 29, 2015Thomas Law Firm

Marijuana edibles come in many different forms – brownies, pop-tarts, lemonade, lollipops and cookies, but they can pack a punch that is many times more potent than what users are expecting. Some may assume that many who drive under the influence of marijuana are being busted because they smell like Marley Fest, and that edibles are a safe way to fly under the radar of law enforcement. However, edibles can cause impairment many magnitudes greater than normal marijuana that last much longer.

One man’s harrowing journey to the Denver County Fair ended with a “freak out” of epic proportions after he consumed a marijuana-infused chocolate. The man remembers thinking he was going to have a heart attack, and wondering if he should jump out of the car. Instead, he ended up on the floor convulsing and projectile vomiting, leaving his family to wonder if they should call the Vatican to perform an exorcism.

Stories involving extreme anxiety attacks and impairment are common, and pot-related poison control calls are up in Colorado because people are unware that edibles are the Everclear of the marijuana industry. Would you want to end up with symptoms that resemble a demonic possession while you are driving? We certainly hope not.

Can Police Arrest Me For Eating a Brownie and Driving?

Colorado law enforcement can request to perform a blood test if they suspect someone is driving under the influence of marijuana. Currently, the legal limit is five nanograms of THC. Fortunately, having a blood test show five nanograms of THC or more does not prove that someone was driving under the influence. Blood tests have not been refined to predict any level of impairment. Some people may test for five nanograms several days after ingesting or smoking marijuana.

Watch a video of one of our attorneys explaining why marijuana DUIs should be contested in court.

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