Is It Legal to Ski While High on Marijuana?

By November 14, 2016Thomas Law Firm

Winter is coming. That means, for a lot of Coloradans, it’s time to hit the slopes. As ski resorts open their doors to throngs of visitors decked out in layered jackets, there are no doubt a few out-of-state folks who are planning to get Rocky Mountain High before they hit the powder, but be warned – you might be inviting legal trouble if you supplement your ski trip with some of that devil’s lettuce.

While marijuana may be legal for recreational use in Colorado, it is still not legal to smoke or possess on federal land. The slopes are all federal land, so to stay out of trouble, it’s best to keep your products safely tucked away somewhere else. It’s not just the slopes – it’s the lifts, the trailers, the parking lots, the restaurants, the decks, the patios, everywhere. If you do wish to consume marijuana on your trip, it is advised that you find marijuana-friendly housing options. Many hotels do not allow marijuana consumption, either – so do your research before you make the trip to see if you’ll have a safe, legal spot to partake.

Additionally, you can actually be fined for skiing under the influence of marijuana. The Colorado Ski Safety Act dictates that anyone found to be skiing under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be issued a fine of up to $1,000. That’s a pretty penny to pay for the experience of skiing high. While the experience of cold wind blasting across your skin as you speed down a mountain might be a little more enjoyable with some THC in your system, a $1,000 fine would do a lot to kill that vibe.

Our Denver criminal defense attorneys encourage responsible marijuana use during the upcoming ski season.

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