Is Colorado Pot TOO Potent?

By April 20, 2016Thomas Law Firm

If certain lawmakers have their way, the THC content of your favorite buds and baked goods could take a serious hit.

As it currently stands, cannabis connoisseurs in Colorado enjoy an average THC potency of 17.1 percent in their smoke, and a whopping 62.1 percent in their marijuana extracts. But because marijuana is such a new industry, lawmakers led by Rep. Kathleen Conti think that we need to be much more cautious in the development of our products to protect the brain development of adolescents. Ignoring the fact that you are not allowed (legally) to participate in our marijuana culture until you are well beyond adolescence, the ballot initiative seeks to cap the potency of products at 15 to 16 percent THC.

Additionally, all retail marijuana products would require labels of their THC content as well as warnings of health risks such as birth defects, stunted brain development, “permanent loss of abilities” (cue Chandler: Could you be any more vague?), emotional disorders and long-term addiction.

Naturally, there’s been a bit of backlash. Some producers have even called it unconstitutional. Should the bill pass, the legal concentrates market would be destroyed, meaning a swift death for infused products like edibles. Patients who use marijuana medicinally may find that their medicine of choice no longer helps them with their emotional or physical maladies. Such a bill, opponents argue, would do nothing but inflate the gray and black markets for recreational marijuana.

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