Introducing a New Feature: D’oh! DUI?

By November 20, 2013Thomas Law Firm

After researching one of our previous blog posts, we were inspired to start a feature we’d like to call—drumroll please—“D’oh! DUI?” to showcase the many contraptions upon which you can get a DUI. Since Colorado considers operating any “motor vehicle or vehicle” while intoxicated grounds for a DUI, it goes far beyond the standard automobile and could include riding a horse, cruising on your bicycle, or even speeding along in a motorized wheelchair.

Each week we’ll discuss one of these unconventional vehicles, beginning with the common household riding mower.

Now the riding mower is obviously a motorized vehicle, much like a car, but for some reason, Tom Marrone of Murrysville, Penn. thought it would be a better alternative to his truck. After drinking a few beers with his buddies, Marrone realized he was too drunk to drive and got on his John Deere tractor to be on the safe side for his six mile-journey home. About halfway there, he was charged with his second DUI.

Marrone also had this informative tidbit to share:

“He said I had an open can of Coors Light, it wasn’t,” said Marrone. “It was crushed; it was already in there because I don’t drink Coors Light cause I would not have been intoxicated if I was drinking Coors Light, I just want to say that.”


Marrone isn’t the only one to think a riding mover might exempt him from a DUI. A 68-year-old man in Gainesville, Fla. was charged with a DUI while riding around on his lawn mower last year. In both cases, the lawn mower on a public road caught the police officer’s eye but it was the open container of alcohol that led to the DUI suspicion. In at least two other cases, men who already consumed alcohol used their lawn mowers to make a beer run—with similar consequences.

The long and the short of it? Don’t drink and drive (or drink while driving) a riding mower—even to keep the missus happy.

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