How to Talk to Your Kids About Impaired Driving

By December 16, 2016Thomas Law Firm

The consequences of DUI can influence your relationships with your family. This is especially true when you have children who don’t understand why mommy or daddy had to spend a night in jail. How can you answer your child’s questions after you get a DUI?

The answer: communication is key.

  1. What do they know? Your children have likely heard about drunk driving in school or in television or internet ads, but how much of that information have they actually retained? Ask your child what he or she already knows. You might be surprised – after all, many children have never been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so they might not have any idea how drugs and alcohol affect drivers.
  2. Be honest. One way or another, your kid is probably going to find out. Admit your mistake to them and explain that you are sorry for what you did. This gives children a valuable lesson in honesty, as well as giving you a platform to teach your children the risks of driving drunk.
  3. If you are driving with an ignition interlock device (IID), explain what it is to them, how it works and how long you are going to have to use it.
  4. Set a positive example for the kids. Attend your court hearings, conform to the terms of your probation and show your children that you are working hard to make things right.

Anyone can get a DUI – teachers, dentists, lawyers – anyone. It doesn’t make you a bad person; it just means you made a mistake. Being open and honest with your children may be hard, but it will teach them valuable lessons and they will be better off for it.

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