How Many People Visit Colorado for Legal Marijuana?

By August 4, 2016Thomas Law Firm

You may have heard some conflicting things about how many people came to this state for our most controversial cash crop. Out of the $19 billion (!) generated by our tourism industry, the Colorado Tourism Office commissioned a study to find out how much of that came from people inspired by our unique marijuana laws. The Strategic Marketing & Research Insight group came back with a jaw-dropping figure: it said that nearly 50 percent of those people came just to sample our herbs. But then, the Colorado Tourism Office was like, wait really? That seems, well, high. The research team agreed that maybe they could have phrased the questions better, so they went back to their respondents and surveyed them again. This time, they came back with a more sensible number: 23 percent of our visitors said that marijuana was a positive influencer in their decision to visit us. Still, not bad!

Visiting from Out-of-State? Welcome! Have Fun. Just Please Avoid These 4 Newbie Mistakes.

  • Going hard. We hear you: “I smoked a few times in college, I can smoke this whole joint!” Maybe don’t. Since weed is legal here, growers have cultivated certain potency strains. Smoking a lot can send your paranoia skyrocketing. To paraphrase South Park, you’re gonna have a bad time.
  • Eating all the edibles. Ingesting is easier on the lungs than smoking, but it can hit you harder. Try them by all means, but keep in mind it can take a while to kick in. Never assume it’s not working and then eat a second or third brownie.
  • Taking souvenirs. Weed may be legal in Colorado, but it is very much not legal in neighboring states. Nearby law enforcement will be on the lookout for tourists trying to take home their own stash of White Widow or Purple Kush. Saying it was legal when you bought it won’t help you. Same for the TSA agent questioning your green lollipops.
  • Trying to drive. You may claim to drive better when you’re high, but the law disagrees. As we mentioned, these have a high potency, and your reaction time can be severely dulled. It may be legal to buy, possess, and consume marijuana here, but driving under the influence of any drug is still illegal.

Our Denver marijuana DUI attorneys help people charged with marijuana-related driving charges. Remember that a charge is not a conviction! Charges can often be reduced or dropped.

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