How Do I Get Weed Out of My System?

By March 25, 2016Thomas Law Firm

While marijuana may be legal for recreational use in Colorado, there is nothing stopping employers from drug testing potential applicants or current employees. As such, there is a market for so-called “detox” products that are said to help mask or remove THC from the body, as well as a few home remedies such as working out, drinking cranberry juice or swallowing Bentonite tablets.

Does any of this stuff actually work?

The Problem with Detox Products

When employers perform drug tests for marijuana, they are not actually seeking the presence of THC in the body (THC is the active chemical that gets you stoned). Actually, they are looking for something called carboxy-THC, a breakdown product of THC.

Carboxy-THC is not liquid-soluble. This means that when you drink fluids to try to remove the carboxy-THC from your body, you are actually not doing much at all. If anything, products like this will only dilute the excretion of carboxy-THC. Dilution might mean that the test is unable to detect your marijuana use – but you also might fail specifically because the test shows that the samples are diluted.

As far as exercise or sweating out THC, there is no science to support the effectiveness of such strategies.

So, now that all of these options have been debunked, is there ANYTHING besides time that can help you beat a drug test? Clinical studies have identified two potential products that can help. For light marijuana users, zinc or papain supplements have been clinically shown to interfere with the detection of THC metabolites for up to 12- to 18 hours after consumption. So, if you absolutely must, give those a shot – but you’re far better off just abstaining.

The science of marijuana impairment is shaky at best; consult with a Denver DUI lawyer if you have been charged with DUI.

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