How a DUI Can Hurt Job Prospects

A DUI does not absolutely prevent you from applying for new jobs, but you might find that it is more difficult to get hired with a DUI on your record.

There is no law preventing employers from hiring convicted drunk drivers, but many employers choose not to. One reason for this is that a DUI conviction could be an indicator of alcohol addiction; because of alcohol addiction, employers might assume that a worker could potentially be late to work often, miss days or even show up to work inebriated.

When you apply, many employers will ask if you have ever had a criminal conviction. If you were charged with DUI and never convicted, feel free to keep quiet, but if you were convicted then you should tell them. Otherwise, they could fire you later on for lying during an interview. Some employers will do a background check and find your DUI conviction anyway, so lying here does not work out.

How a DUI Could Affect Your Current Job

Depending on what you do for a living, a DUI could have serious implications for your current job. Healthcare workers, for example, could receive probation, mandatory blood testing at random and compulsory Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Drivers with a DUI on their records could easily be fired, as employers are reluctant to insure potentially dangerous drivers, as well as having their license revoked. And in at-will employment states like Colorado, employers have their own discretion as to whether or not you keep your job, and a DUI could hurt your odds.

If you are convicted of DUI, you should speak to an attorney to try to get the charges reduced. Lesser charges, while still not a great thing to have on your record, might just be the thing that saves you from termination.

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