Hits Lead to Hits: CDOT Rolls Out Giant 3D Billboard to Raise DUI-D Awareness

By August 18, 2016Thomas Law Firm

Did you know that 20 percent of the DUIs handed out by the Colorado State Patrol are for marijuana-related offenses? What about that, based on a self-reported survey last year, 55 percent of marijuana users said that they drove high on an average of seven days a month?

Drugged driving is a problem not just for Colorado residents but for visitors to the state as well, many of whom visit for the sake of partaking of our legal marijuana industry. There seems to be a perception that driving under the influence of marijuana is safer than driving under the influence of alcohol. This may be true, but just because it’s safer to drive high than drunk doesn’t mean driving high is completely safe. For that reason, the Colorado Department of Transportation has erected a 3D billboard downtown to warn residents and visitors about the dangers of drugged driving.

The billboard is quite inventive, in our opinion, displaying what ostensibly used to be a white sedan of some sort, crushed into the shape of a doobie with a red glow at the back. You can interpret it either as a lit joint or a burning car wreck – a fitting message displayed within a mile of six different dispensaries in downtown Denver.

In addition to the giant 3D car-turned-burning-joint, CDOT has partnered with dispensaries around the state to push the “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign into the hands of Denver’s smokers, through educational posters and even printing safety messages on rolling papers sold at dispensaries. Next year, CDOT plans to push the campaign through more targeted methods, such as ads that read the location on your smartphone and can detect when you are in or near a dispensary to buy bud.

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