Go Broncos! This Super Bowl Sunday, The Heat Is On

By February 7, 2016Thomas Law Firm

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we know the celebration is going to be incredible tonight if (and by if, we mean when) the Denver Broncos take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy after wiping the gridiron with the Carolina Panthers (no bias here, naturally).

The Super Bowl is one of the drunkest days of the year – the Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that 49.2 million cases of beer are sold on Super Bowl Sunday alone. An estimated 323.5 million gallons of beer are consumed during game day, and don’t think that the police are not aware of this.

The Heat Is On for Super Bowl Sunday

Police in Colorado are on high alert, as they were last year when 234 drunk driving arrests were made during Super Bowl weekend. This could mean a lot of things – increased patrols, DUI checkpoints, you name it. While it is never a wise idea to drive under the influence of alcohol, that is doubly true this weekend. So, here are some tips to make sure you and your friends and family get to celebrate our Broncos’ victory from somewhere safe and fun – not the inside of a jail cell.

  • Someone’s gotta DD. Make sure you have a designated driver early on.
  • If you’re hosting, offer your home as a place to spend the night.
  • If someone has had too much to drink, call a cab, Uber, or send your designated driver to get them home. It’s a Sunday – they probably have to work in the morning, and you will want them to have time to eat or sleep off the alcohol.
  • Guests must forfeit their car keys.
  • Drink in moderation, and keep the fried finger foods coming. While having food in your stomach won’t stop you from getting too drunk if you continue to drink, it can keep your stomach full and perhaps lead to less drinking.

As former prosecutors, our Denver DUI attorneys know how best to fight against charges of drunk or drugged driving.

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