Foggy Focuses Promote Marijuana Safety in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is using specially designed Ford Focuses (an unexpected choice; we would have gone with the Nissan Leaf) to promote its “Drive High, Get a DUI” Campaign. The two vehicles are stationed at public events and designed with social media in mind; CDOT hopes that event attendees will take pictures of the cars and spread them on the Internet to increase exposure. So far, the cars have been spotted outside of concerts, sporting events, shopping malls and throughout the 4/20 celebrations held last month.

The cars are essentially rolling hotboxes, with smoke machines and fans that blow the non-toxic, water-based smoke out of the cars’ windows. Passersby can look into the windows and see the message “Drive High, Get a DUI.”

The foggy Focuses made their most recent appearance in Fort Collins during the America On Tap beer festival.

Responsible Use Campaigns in Colorado

“Drive High, Get a DUI” is just one of the many campaigns Colorado officials have used to warn of the dangers of driving high. The “Good To Know” campaign is another. It began earlier this year and utilizes taxes from marijuana sales in the state to produce educational ads informing Coloradoans about marijuana laws. Last year’s “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” campaign aimed at children warned of potential brain growth stunting in youths who use marijuana.

Despite heightened awareness, drugged driving is still common in our state. If you have been pulled over and charged with a marijuana-related DUI, you should check out our DUI resources and speak with a legal professional about your options.

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