Flori-D’oh! DUI?: The Gold Digger’s DUI Plan

By November 10, 2015Thomas Law Firm

People respond in many ways to DUIs. They worry about their future and how the charges will affect their employment. They worry about having to pay the fines and potentially serve time. Not this Florida woman, though.

In October, a 22-year old Orlando woman crashed into a brick wall in the early morning hours. Police responding to the scene noted that she seemed intoxicated – bloodshot eyes, flushed cheeks and gazes that lingered a little too long. She failed her field sobriety test and blew a .132 blood alcohol level, and then admitted to having had three beers and two shots.

It won’t hurt her future, she said, because she plans to marry a millionaire. Employment prospects are of no concern to a future member of the financial nobility, it seems. Whether a glass ceiling or a brick wall, nothing can hold this woman back.

Money Can’t Prevent DUI Charges

While it would be nice to have so much disposable cash that a DUI fine of thousands of dollars is nothing but pocket change, money can’t buy freedom. You still might face jail time of up to a year for your first DUI, and if your goal in life is to marry a millionaire, you probably aren’t going to meet him or her in the slammer. And if you do, it probably isn’t the kind of millionaire you want to get mixed up with.

If you are facing Denver drunk driving charges, you should speak to a qualified drunk driving defense attorney.

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