“End Game” Reminds Gamers Not to Drive High

Marijuana awareness campaigns are popping up everywhere in Colorado, sometimes in the places you would least expect. If you are a fan of arcade games and marijuana, you might have noticed a new cabinet pop up in your local dispensary.

“End Game”: Games for Ganja Gourmets

The new cabinet, advertising what appears to be a racing simulator known as “End Game,” is actually a cleverly placed advertisement reminding players that driving high, just like driving drunk, is illegal and can result in a DUI charge. After the ad, the player is offered a free round of arcade classics like Donkey Kong (or should we say, Dank-ey Kong), Frogger or BurgerTime (to inspire munchies, presumably).

“End Game” is part of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s ongoing “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign. The campaign began shortly after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and has utilized television ads, radio PSAs and posters in the past to remind marijuana users not to get behind the wheel after smoking.

The games didn’t end at the dispensary – during the 4/20 celebration weekend, CDOT partnered with Yellow Cab for a downtown event reminiscent of the game show “Cash Cab” where passengers were quizzed on the dangers of marijuana and driving. For every correct answer, passengers were given a credit for future cab rides (read: free designated drivers).

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