Thomas Law Firm Explains the Other Side of a Well-Publicized Arapahoe County DUI Case

By August 16, 2016Thomas Law Firm

Last week, the Arapahoe County District Attorney issued a press release and spoke to a number of media outlets regarding a DUI client whose case we just wrapped. The DA was upset with the outcome for his office, and therefore sought to tell a very one-sided story regarding our client and the case.

Normally, we do not publish information about our clients or their specific cases, but this situation has already received attention and coverage from a number of media outlets. We’d like to clear the air on what really happened, and why justice was truly served.

What Happened in this Unusual Colorado DUI Defense Case?

Our client, Doyle Carmack, had five previous DUI convictions, all in Missouri, two of which were felonies. The most recent of these DUI convictions was in 1998, or 18 years ago. From 1998 to 2016, Mr. Carmack turned his life around. He had been sober and had not gotten into any trouble for drinking or traffic violations in almost twenty years. In March 2016, he made a mistake. He was pulled over in Aurora and failed the sobriety tests. Based on his past that occurred almost two decades’ prior, this Colorado DUI was by law, a felony charge.

Mr. Carmack reached out to us and we took on his case. He pled guilty, and the judge sentenced him to five years of probation and 75 hours of community service. The Arapahoe County District Attorney, angered at what he felt was a lenient sentence by the judge, took one side of the story to the court of public opinion. No news outlet who published the press release or took a statement from the DA contacted Mr. Carmack or his attorney at our office for a balanced view of what happened.

What Did the News Outlets on this DUI Case Fail to Understand?

What the news stories about this case failed to mention – and we think this fact is incredibly important in determining Mr. Carmack’s sentence – is that Mr. Carmack has had a clean and sober record for the past 18 years. Part of being a judge is to understand the very real human factors of determining punishment for offenders. The judge understood that Mr. Carmack’s ancient history should not be held against him, and therefore offered him a punishment and sentence that fit the crime.

This case also illustrates what we like to call the “human element” of a DUI defense case. People make mistakes, and they deserve to have their side of the story told and be judged accordingly. Everyone deserves a defense and a voice in the courtroom.

The lawyers at Thomas Law Firm are former prosecutors themselves who have been on the other side of DUI cases before. We know what the prosecutors are looking for, and we know the methods they use to try to obtain maximum convictions. If or when you are arrested for DUI, you want to hire an attorney who can anticipate everything that the prosecutors are going to throw at you. At Thomas Law Firm, we know how to present your story to the judge and jury to effectively offer the best legal defense possible.

The Denver law firm Thomas Law Firm is committed to justice being served. Our goal is simple – to advocate for our clients to the best of our abilities, and to ensure their constitutional rights are protected.

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