Don’t Drink, Drive and Pokémon Go at the Same Time

By January 5, 2017Thomas Law Firm

Professor Oak wouldn’t appreciate you playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel – especially if you’ve been drinking. And neither does Officer Jenny.

A prospective Pokémon Master in Virginia was arrested in late December 2016 after a series of hit-and-run accidents. When the police caught him, he admitted that he had been drinking, but also had been glued to his smartphone, throwing little red and white balls at magical monsters.

Pokémon Go released early this year and took the world by storm, encouraging people young and old to get out into the world to hunt down the critters with the goal of catching them all. But the game also led to a spike in crimes such as distracted driving. Many of the arrests made regarding Pokémon Go have been due to people playing the game at the wheel, but the recent Pokémon Go DUI was not the first (and since the game receives semi-regular updates, probably will not be the last).

In July 2016, a Vermont man crashed his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, blowing a .2 on his breathalyzer, and admitted to playing the game as well. Another drunk driver, who was also underage and in possession of alcohol, was arrested in Washington, D.C. in August after officers observed her driving drunk between PokéStops to collect items in the game.

We get it. You’re on a bar crawl with your friends and you think, “Wynaut? Might as well catch a few Pokémon on the way.” Or maybe you take a few puffs of some legal Colorado Weedle and think a jaunt to the park to catch some ‘mons sounds like just what you need. That’s all well and good, but do yourself a favor and don’t drive yourself.

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