Don’t Be Out of the Loop(r) on This Marijuana-Friendly Transit Service

What if we told you that there was a magical rolling marijuana lounge in downtown Denver?

Well, magical might be a bit of an overstatement, but it’s a real place – it’s called Loopr, and the owners don’t mind if you light up while you’re being driven around to the hottest spots in the city. You access the bus in a similar way to Uber, by downloading an app and requesting a pick-up somewhere along the bus’s route. Once onboard, you will enjoy the atmosphere of a high-end party bus, with funky lights, ample seating and provided smoking apparatuses. BYOP (bring your own pot)!

What about alcohol? Well, it’s discouraged, according to Loopr CEO Brian Spatz. Marijuana is the focus. But there will be more than enough alcohol along the route, which passes by some of Denver’s most bumping restaurants, dispensaries and nightclubs. And unlike a typical bus, which can be difficult to locate – you never know when they are running late – Loopr offers real-time geotracking of the bus, so you’ll always know where it is. And because it drives around for you, it keeps you out from behind the wheel – meaning no risk of DUI-D.

The bus currently operates Thursday-Sunday with varying hours, but the business plans to expand its hours of operation in the near future.

Loopr provides a safe, semi-public environment for riders to indulge in their marijuana hobby. It could be a nice option for Denverites who wish to incorporate pot into their nights on the town, but do not have a place where they are legally allowed to smoke (given that public consumption is illegal in Denver).

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