D’oh! DUI?: Would You Like Fries With Your Drink?

In mid-July, an alleged drunk Massachusetts man with a case of the munchies hit the road in an attempt to sate his hunger with some delicious and cheap premium fast food. When he rolled down the window, though, it was not a smiling McDonald’s employee ready to take his order – it was a police officer, sitting, probably somewhat bewildered, in a fully marked police cruiser.

Perhaps realizing that this was not the burger joint he was looking for, the man, through slurred words and dazed actions, requested directions to the nearest McDonald’s.

He got directions, for sure – directions to the police station and a complimentary lift. His impairment tests showed that he was driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of three times the legal limit of .08, and he faces charges of operating under the influence of liquor and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. On the side, he got dinged for an inspection violation.

This story is why you should exercise your right to remain silent. Speaking to police serves no benefit to a DUI suspect and can often make matters worse. Therefore, following that line of logic, it goes without saying that pulling up to police while driving intoxicated and willfully engaging in conversation with them is also a bad idea. If you are pulled over and are suspected of drunk driving, you need to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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