D’oh! DUI?: Woman Livestreams Drunk Driving Online

By October 19, 2015Thomas Law Firm

One thing that police officers look for during DUI stops is self-incriminating evidence. Things like admitting that you had a drink or two earlier in the evening, or refusing a breathalyzer test, or smelling like alcohol – anything that the officer can do to round the alleged drunk driver up on suspicion of DUI. And then there are some instances where the driver’s self-incrimination happens without provocation, as in the case of one Florida woman whose alleged misadventures were broadcast live to the world through the smartphone app Periscope.

Drunk Driving, Streaming Live from the Front Seat

In sunny Lakeland, police received several 911 calls describing a potential drunk driver slamming into curbs and driving erratically. At some point in her adventure, she thought it was a good idea to upload a livestream to Periscope. It wasn’t long before the woman’s broadcast went viral, with several users attempting to pinpoint the driver’s location using landmarks in her video. She received several messages and personal texts during her stream asking her to pull over for public safety. Several times, the woman admitted verbally to being drunk and lost.

A young police officer was able to pinpoint her location after explaining to his less tech-savvy superiors what Periscope was, and the woman was found and pulled over. Her flat tire, sluggish speech and disorientation were enough for police to bring her in on DUI charges.

The police want you to admit guilt when they pull you over for a suspected DUI. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law – so do yourself a favor, and don’t say anything. And if you are going to say something, don’t say it to the Internet – once its online, it will never go away, and will almost definitely come back to bite you.

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