D’oh! DUI?: They Call Me Hell on Wheels

By October 27, 2015Thomas Law Firm

A West Virginia woman was arrested on drunk driving charges after her joyride ended in a series of crashes into parked cars, six in total. Her name? As she told the police, they call her “Hell on Wheels.”

It was not the devil who possessed her, according to blood testing, but instead the demon they call Beelze-bubbly. Her test results showed an excessive level of alcohol in her system, with a blood alcohol content of .203, quite a bit over the legal limit of .08.

The driver faced charges of striking unattended vehicles, joyriding, lack of insurance and failure to maintain control. It was not her car, either; it was borrowed by an unrelated male, and Hell on Wheels was not supposed to drive it. With a name like that, we’re not shocked that the owner had reservations on allowing her behind the wheel.

Hit-and-Run DUIs

If you find yourself possessed by those evil spirits (the alcoholic ones, we mean; see an exorcist otherwise) and end up striking unattended cars, your first instinct may be to flee the scene. After all, you’re driving drunk, and a crash might attract unwanted police attention. It is true that drunk drivers who flee the scene often receive lesser penalties than the ones who stay and face the music. But there is no one-size-fits-all punishment for hit-and-run DUIs. In any case, your best bet is to get in contact with a DUI attorney. Because DUI hit-and-runs often carry with them additional charges like reckless driving, an attorney’s help could be your only way to get your penalties reduced.

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