D’oh! DUI?: The Souped-Up Throne

By December 24, 2013Thomas Law Firm

‘Tis the season of giving, and so we’re excited to gift you with some strange DUI tales we’ve been saving for a special occasion. These ought to make for great anecdotes around the holiday table.

It should be clear by now that just about anything qualifies as a “vehicle” when it comes to drunk driving, but the most notorious contraptions are always the ones we construct ourselves.

Take, for example, the Cruzin Cooler. Some geniuses added gas and electric motors to drink coolers so that people would never have to leave home without a cold one. These bad boys can go up to 15mph, sell for upwards of $399 and come with an array of accessories. As you can guess, it wasn’t long before someone racked up a DWI on this thing. Several years later, an Australian man also earned himself a DUI for driving around a beach town on his cooler. As we then learnt, you do need a license to operate a motorized cooler down under.

As the Washington County DA said at the time of the first arrest, “You can’t cruise around on your cooler if you’re intoxicated.”


Along the same lines, a 28-year-old Ohio man managed to rig up a motorized bar stool—yes, that’s right, a bar stool—that he claimed could go up to 38mph. Driving the contraption after drinking 15 beers though, the guy managed to wreck his home-made invention and to give himself minor injuries before being arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The last makeshift drunk throne is the infamous case of the motorized Lay-Z-Boy. In 2008, an elderly gentleman left a bar in his souped-up armchair, which also boasted a stereo, cup holders and a magazine rack, after drinking eight or nine beers and proceeded to run right into a parked car. He did plead guilty to drunk driving, but the real winner of this story is the Proctor, Minnesota Police Department, who auctioned off the chair for a whopping $3,700.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

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