D’oh! DUI?: Lord of the Pies

Next time you leave your house, watch out for falling pianos and suspicious men with oversized nets – if this story is any indicator, we live in a cartoon now.

Pie is awesome. Cherry by the pool in the summer, pumpkin at the family table during the holidays; but there are some places where you most likely do not want pie. Smeared across your car windows, for example.

In July, a Colorado man called police after an aggressive driver followed him home due to a minor traffic altercation. When the man reached his apartment parking lot, the aggressor approached the victim’s vehicle and threw a pie at the back window. In an act of defiance, the victim picked up the destroyed dessert from the window and tossed the remains back at the assailant. The situation devolved from there when the sweet slinger attempted to run the other man down in his car, and then got out of his car again to break the victim’s taillight with a metal flashlight.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, pie excluded. Police were able to locate the attacker and arrest him. Though he had the smell of alcohol on his breath, police officers were unable to determine whether he was too drunk to drive, so he was not charged with DUI. He will, however, face felony menacing charges for the pastry projectile attack.

In case you were wondering, it was a pecan pie. What a waste!

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