D’oh! DUI?: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

By November 30, 2015Thomas Law Firm

In the State of Colorado, your fourth repeat DUI can become a felony charge. One expeditious way of hitting that milestone is to double up on DUIs, like a Pennsylvania woman did in mid-November.

At about 5pm on a Saturday, the Somerset woman crashed her car. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered her intoxication and arrested her. She was charged and released; pretty standard story. However, after her release, she approached a stranger and offered him $3 to drive her back to the scene of the crash. Her car was still there, and still functional, so she got back in and drove away.

At about 6pm, the driver sideswiped a parked car and then crashed into a shed. The owner of the shed, who witnessed the accident, rushed to her aid. She tried to back out, but he took her keys, and she pleaded with him, “I can’t get another DUI. I already have one today.” Alas, she did.

What Happens If I Get a Second DUI?

In Colorado, there is no lookback period – this means that you will always have your first DUI on record. If you are convicted of a second DUI, you will have to spend minimum 10 days in jail and will likely face a fine, minimum $1,000 and maximum $5,000. You will also have your license suspended for a year or more and may have to do community service as well.

You are able to plead guilty to lesser drunk driving offenses, like driving while ability impaired, if you are seeking lower penalties. However, the court may not accept your plea given that you have a demonstrated past of driving drunk.

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