D’oh! DUI?: DUI the Hustle

By September 22, 2015Thomas Law Firm

The disco fever was strong in one Wyoming man arrested for DUI in late August, 2015.

The cool cat was pulled over for speeding and crossing over a fog line at the side of the road and administered a breathalyzer test. He blew .15, showing that he was blitzed enough for a drunk driving charge.

When the police searched his vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe (the modern day Volkswagen van, don’t ya know?), they bagged a stash of far out loot including a mound of $20s, a sleeping bag and pillow, a specialized leather bag with a personal bowling ball, a white fuzzy vest with a popped collar, several pairs of shoes and a disco ball.

We assume he told the police to catch him on the flip side when he broke away from them as they tried to handcuff him. He told police he couldn’t get arrested or he’d be fired from his job and then boogied away. He was able to elude capture for nearly two weeks before he was arrested on September 4. At the time of this writing, he was still serving time in the Brick House – er, big house.

What NOT To Do When Pulled Over for DUI

If the temptation strikes you to do the electric slide away from police after you’ve been pulled over for DUI, do yourself a favor and stick with the fuzz. Fleeing from police, especially if you’ve already blown into a breathalyzer, is a terrible idea and is only going to make matters that much more of a drag. Instead, the first thing you should do is hit up a drunk driving attorney.

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